Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Question of Space

The Jewish sages teach that the Creator is space for the entire creation. In other words, the whole creation, spiritual and physical, is inside the Creator.  There’s nothing outside the Creator, lest it infringe on His infinity, by implying some outer border. 

I was once discussing this concept with someone who questioned, “Doesn’t all this talk of the creation being inside and not outside the Creator somehow ascribe a notion of space to the Creator; Isn’t He’s supposed to be beyond space?”

I was dazzled by the powerful depth of the question.  However, at the time I had no real answer. So, for more than a decade I simply accepted what my ancient sages taught on faith. Then the other day an answer dawned on me (though I wonder whether it would have satisfied the original questioner).

It seems likely to me that the sages spoke only from the perspective of creations, like us. From the Creator’s perspective, He’s the One and only reality. In the midst of such seamless Oneness, there’s nothing besides the Creator Himself.  So the question does not even begin, as there’s only Him.  There’s no other being to be inside of Him.   

Yet, from the perspective of those who dwell within the illusion of separation, the question of how separate identities are placed in relation to each other first begins. It’s this particular perspective which the sages were probably addressing.


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